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Jenify Solutions

Providing  customized business and educational services one piece at a time.






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Educational Gallery

Educational Gallery

Financial Literacy Focus

Reach out to Jenify Solutions to find what type of programs, workshops, or activities would be best for you related to financial literacy and early economics. 

Meet the Team

The Books to Bucks Team

Baxter, Fielder, Maggie Lou & Pearl enjoy visiting children at school, the bank, day care, the library, church and other locations where they can share their early economic messages related to financial literacy. 

(Double-click photos below for more details.)

About Us

About Jenify Solutions

Both come from the professional journeys of Jennifer Guenther of Jenify Solutions. 

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Jennifer Guenther
Owner & Creative Director

There are two sides of the coin to Jenify Solutions---the educational side & the business side.

Two Sides to the Coin

Educational Side

As an educator for over two decades, Jennifer found her educational niche in 2006  for unique and creative ways to teach financial literacy in her second-grade classroom.  Students were immersed daily in basic finance skills of earning, spending and saving when they paid rent for their desks and lockers, earned money through classroom jobs, and spent money at the classroom store. 


Throughout the years ahead, Jennifer shared her strategies, techniques, and knowledge through workshops, trainings, and mentorship for other educators. During that time, she also created her cast of characters (puppets) and began teaching financial literacy in more community-based settings such as libraries, day cares, children museums, and churches.  Along with lessons for children, she also facilitated workshops for parents which blended financial literacy and family values.


It is this shift to community-based education that launched her into her next career track --- working at her local chamber of commerce.  Supporting local businesses and developing & leading community events provided more opportunities for her to follow her passion for digital creation, to network & connect, and to promote other entities & work together to build a strong community. 

After time in both career avenues, she decided to create Jenify Solutions to enjoy both of her passions --- supporting businesses and organizations through creative content & teaching financial literacy through her unique strategies.

Please reach out to Jenify Solutions to find customized business and educational services for you!

Business Side

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